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    If you would like to send us a testimonial please email us at info@farmerskitchen.com.hk we love hearing from all our customers.


    Nathan Solia – Elite Personal Training Studio (EPT)

    Elite PT Studio Nathan SoliaI have been eating Farmer’s Kitchen meat products for the past 6 months.  Firstly, I only eat grass-fed beef and when I can get it – Organic so when Emma had told me it was grass fed, I was already willing to try it.  She has also been educating me and my members about the quality between different types of beef eg. PRS, SS, PR and A-Grade beef.  A-Grade being the lowest grade in Australia and funnily enough most supermarkets sell this grade.

    Since she knows the source, I feel very comfortable being able to say it is also organic without the stamp.

    In the past, I have notice that sometimes, grass fed beef can be tough.  This beef however is the BEST tasking beef I have had in a long time and couple with its healthy grass fed variety I am inclined to only order this meat. 

    Grass is what cows are supposed to eat.  Not grains – period.  I have no hesitation recommending Farmer’s Kitchen to all of my clients.  Not only for health purposes but also its great taste.


    Brian Burrell - Actor/DirectorBrian Burrell – Actor/Director

    雖然影得唔靚,但係呢塊牛扒超好味。其實我平時唔食牛除非好似呢個 由出世到劏都係健康食草!多謝Farmers Kitchen

    The picture of this steak is not so good but the flavor is absolutely delicious. I usually don’t eat beef but this beef has been 100% grass fed it’s entire life and naturally farmed. Thank you Farmer’s Kitchen.