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    Farmer's Kitchen was established in Hong Kong in 2014 by Australian businesswoman Katie Campbell with the aim of providing exceptional beef and lamb to Hong Kong families. Even though Farmer's Kitchen HK are new to the market the company bring more than 160 years of farming heritage to your family’s table.

    As a mother, Katie has a passion to provide the most wholesome food to Hong Kong families at an affordable price.

    Our Team

    Katie Campbell

    Katie grew up on a family-run farm near Mallacoota, in north eastern Victoria, Australia. Katie’s family has been farming since 1861 and they are the sole suppliers to Farmer’s Kitchen.

    Katie has worked for the family business Campbell Foods in Australia and overseas for over 9 years now selling Campbell Beef and Lamb to restaurants and hotels.

    Katie has a passion for high quality and noticed when she was visiting Hong Kong that there was a need to bring a higher level of quality to the retail market as well as the wholesale market.

    Katie is thrilled to bring over 160 years of farming heritage to your family’s table.



    Our Mission

    Farmer’s Kitchen aim: to educate people on what they are eating and provide the option of naturally farmed goods over hormone driven goods.

    Farmer’s Kitchen delivers: restaurant quality, 100% grass fed, chilled and frozen, naturally farmed produce from Australia to your door.

    Farmer’s Kitchen supports: naturally farmed produce - grass fed animals are much better to consume than ones treated inhumanely with growth hormones. 

    Naturally farmed animals are proven to be better for the environment as well as better for you the consumer.

    Farmer’s Kitchen owners: Australians with a straight forward approach when it comes to business –‘simply the best.

    Farmer's Kitchen connections: strong ties with Campbell Foods in Australia - a family owned and run business.  Campbell Foods are one of the leading meat distributors of naturally farmed goods within Australia.

    Farmer's Kitchen Beef: we only use British bred cattle, Angus breeds - far more superior for eating. Black Angus, Hereford, etc. are naturally fattier and not crossed with tropical breeds like most grain fed product that is unnatural and mass produced to meet market needs.

    If you would like more specific information about our meats please feel free to contact our staff who will be happy to help.



    Fresh from the Farm to your table!